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din en857 1sc rubber hose nozzle

Gas permeable well nozzle

pThe invention is directed to a gas permeable well nozzle for use in a metallurgical vessel such as in a well block of a tundish, ladle or like


according to DIN EN ISO 4287 of greater than 2 exiting of the melt from the extrusion nozzle. EP 1,857,501 (See above), EP 1,973,733

Inkjet nozzle assembly with thermal bend actuator defining

1. An inkjet nozzle assembly comprising: a nozzle chamber comprising a 6,540,332 6,679,584 6,857,724 6,652,052 6,672,706 7,077,508 7

Electrical properties of rocket nozzle boundary layers

Electrical properties of rocket nozzle boundary layers, AIAA Journal, Vol.The electrical resistivity was found to have a value of (1.9±0.2)×

Printhead having nozzle arrangements with sealing structures

The present invention relates a printhead for an inkjet printer. The printhead has a plurality of nozzle arrangements, with each arrangement having a

Vehicle mounted toilet seat

one another are equally spaced from mid point ofapparent to one of ordinary skill in the art. US1142249 * 191568 Discharging-nozzle

An atomization model for splash plate nozzles

An atomization model for splash plate nozzles Araz Sarchami1, Nasser AshAIChE Journal, 56 (4), 849–857 (2009).Sarchami, A, Ashgriz, N,


It is verified theoretically and experimentally in this paper that the external corner of a nozzle can be a fatigue damaged zone in a spherical vessel

Vapor recovery nozzle with flow indicators

1 including fuel signaling means comprising a fuelhose connecting said nozzle and said vapor pump 857; 3,826,291; 3,830,267; 3,835,899; 3

Ready-access fire-fighting nozzle and method

2001720-A fire-fighting hose nozzle or line nozzle, that is, a nozzle used to discharge fluid spray during fire-fighting operations, is accoutered f

02/1217-a/25-bartec 02/1217-a/25-

WIN CE NET 4.2 PRO D0039-213-857-949 X11-/4A RUE ( radial Direct Mount ) / EN 837-1GF / 5 and GF/5hvlp (nozzle lever about 30)

Inkjet nozzle device having chamber geometry configured for

1. An inkjet nozzle device configured for constrained symmetric bubble Pat. No. 7,857,428 provides redundancy in the supply of ink to the

Decorative golf club grip

843,732, 6,857,971, 7,186,189, and 7,347,792, each in its configured to move nozzle 56 in one or both of the X and Y directions


United States Patent Ofiice 2,857,759 Patented nozzles of the type commonly used in diesel means for pivotally attaching one end of said

Duct burner apparatus

one inch and a thickness less than about 0.003nozzle and moving past the nozzle at a speed 12.4 9.8 .042 .070 .106 .112 .857 .162

Nozzle flow with vibrational nonequilibrium

j or Consider the identity D$7 857 Dt flow through the nozzle in the z05 Density v5 disl_noez Figure 5. [)ensity

Inkjet printhead integrated circuit

1. An inkjet printhead integrated circuit nozzle arrangements on the substrate, each nozzle 154 6,547,364 6,644,771 6,565,181 6,857,

Integrated nozzle and steering mechanism for waterjets

An integrated nozzle is designed to deflect the jet from a waterjet pump in a watercraft before it leaves the nozzle for watercraft steering. The

Control arrangement for a cleaning appliance

a suction nozzle for performing surface cleaning;one or more operational features to control said Pat. No. 5,867,857, the disclosure of which

Target supply device

1, wherein the target generator includes: a a nozzle base end portion, having a third A second protruding portion 857C may be

Inkjet nozzle assembly with drop directionality control via

1. An inkjet nozzle assembly comprising: a nozzle chamber for containing 12/895,857 12/895,858 12/895,859 12/895,860 12/895,861 12/895,

Aluminum alloy

from 0.1 to 0.4 weight percent iron, from AlMg—Zr0.14—Sc0.90 −857.10 211.20 Two nozzles of diameters 3/16″ and ¼″

between electrode and actuator in an inkjet nozzle assembly

1. A method of forming an electrical connectionnozzle assembly, said method comprising the steps 11/505,857 11/505,856 11/524,908 11/524,